About Amity

  • Amity: 36,000 Lodges Worldwide
  • Amity: No cost to you or your Lodge
  • Amity: Find a Lodge... From the Palm of Your Hand
  • Amity: Military-Grade Security
  • Amity: Built by Masons, for Masons

The Craft... on your phone.

Today's technology is finally available to the world's oldest fraternity. Amity is built from the ground up with everyday Masons in mind, giving you the tools you need to spend more time with your brothers.

Amity isn't changing the way we interact with each other as Masons... we're just making it easier. Global Lodge finder? Check. Online Tiler's Book? Check. Digital sign-in roster? Double check!

We've taken the best of today's technology and applied it to the everyday tasks we do as Masons... and then built in military-grade security and cross-platform mobility. No other app comes close.

Let us show you how easy it can be: Amity is available now, on the App Store and on Google Play. Welcome to the digital revolution... it's about time.

Amity's Features

Amity is live... and so is your connection to the world.

Global Lodge Finder

There has never been an app that connects Masons on a global scale... until now. Itching to find out where you can go? With over 36,000 Lodges at your fingertips, the world is yours to discover.

Online Tiler's Book

Are you tired of flipping through an outdated, paper book to figure out whether you can admit a visitor? Give Amity a try... with nearly 300 Grand Lodges in the app, we'll tell you the answer in just a few clicks.

Digital Attendance Roster

Amity knows how hard it is to understand the scribbles in your sign-in book. With our check-in tool, you'll never misspell another name, no matter where in the world your visitor comes from. Taking attendance has never been easier.

...And more.

We're improving our features every day. Join the digital revolution... Amity is available now, on the App Store and on Google Play. We'll see you inside.

Amity: travel... safely. Bringing today's technology to the world's oldest fraternity.

For Grand Lodges

Let Amity take your members to new places.

Amity is a revolutionary tool that uses mobile technology to help Masons connect with each other. We complement your Grand Lodge Management System, not compete with it... whether you use Circumscribe, GLMMS, MORI, GrandView, or other software, Amity offers you something that none of these systems can have: the rest of the world. And best of all, Amity is FREE! There is no cost to your Grand Lodge, your Lodges, or your individual members to download and use our app.

Keep your management system for your Grand Jurisdiction... and let Amity take your members everywhere else. We serve Freemasons in over 135 Grand Lodges--spread across almost 70 countries--and we look forward to helping your members get the most out of the Craft.

If you would like to share Amity with your Grand Jurisdiction, please click here for the introductory packet that was distributed at the 2018 Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America. This packet includes a variety of information for you and your members, from flyers to a sample announcement email.

If you have any other questions, or suggestions for how Amity can best support you and your members, please contact us using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Join our Team

We're looking for top-notch team members!

The Amity team is a small, fast-paced group where your work will go from concept to deployment at lightning speed. You need at least 2-5 years of experience in your area of expertise, a strong work ethic, high integrity, and a passion for improving the world around you. Take a look at our needs, and if you're interested in finding out more, tell us a bit about you in the contact form below. We'll get back to you and go from there.

Front End/UI Developers

You've developed a responsive webapp for your own personal use, because you didn't like anything already out there. You write JavaScript in your sleep, and know when to use inline styling as opposed to a stylesheet. "AJAX" isn't a cleaning product, and spelling errors on people's websites annoy you.

Back End/API Developers

Building an API from scratch sounds fun, and you don't get why so many people build tightly-coupled systems. You know both Java and PHP, and can get around the AWS console as easily as GCP's. You think about recursion and obfuscated code contests in the shower.

Database Engineers

You've had intense debates about the best use cases for Accumulo and Hadoop, and have a favorite type of graph database. Images do, in fact, have a best place to be stored, and a good day is one where an upgrade actually finishes within the outage window.

Marketing Professionals

You've read the AP Stylebook from cover to cover, and have taught your relatives how to boost Facebook posts... effectively. Navigating the labyrinth of blacklist removal processes is old hat, and you know how to roll your own drip campaigns. You've been called a grammar fanatic, and you're actually kind of proud of it.

Big Data Analysts

Playing with viz tools is fun, but you'd prefer to get your hands on the data and figure out new ways to make connections and find patterns. Finding, formatting and ingesting data doesn't scare you, and neither does hand validation, as long as the result makes you go "whoah... that trendline is gorgeous!"

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