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Amity supports Freemasons in over 13,000 Lodges and 275 Grand Lodges around the world. 

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Check In to Events

Tracking your travels is easy with Amity's Masonic Passport.  Talk to the Secretary when you get to Lodge. 

Verify your Visitors

Confirm that your visitor is in Good Standing -- in real time -- with 100+ Grand Lodges and Appendant Bodies around the world.

Support the MSA

Read and purchase the Masonic Service Association's Short Talk Bulletin, with perpetual access to any edition you buy.

travel... safely.
300+ GRand Lodges
40,000+ Lodges
One Craft

Amity makes life easier... for everyone.

  • Brothers
    Amity Supports the Senior Deacon
    For the Senior Deacon

    Introductions... the easy way.

    We've been in your shoes... trying to decipher bad handwriting on a visitor's card isn't easy, especially when the whole Lodge is looking at you.  Get rid of the guesswork!  When your visitors check in with Amity, we'll organize them by rank and have them ready for you to read off... spelled correctly and all.

    Tap here to test it out!
    For the Tiler

    Simplify your Investigation

    The most complicated part about investigating a visitor is often figuring out whether you recognize their Grand Lodge.  Which documentation is right?  How old is it?  What if you have a question?

    Amity makes the administrative parts of the process as simple as boarding a plane... just scan their QR code and get all of the information you need.  Want to test out the process?  Tap the QR code above (or this link) for an example.

  • Lodges
    For the Secretary
    For the Secretary

    Order from Chaos

    When WE sat in the Secretary's chair (insert wagging finger here)... recording the evening's attendance was always a challenge.  Which officers are here?  Where are the visitors from?  Whose signature is THAT in the register?  With Amity, those problems are gone... just email yourself the evening's roster, and paste it into the minutes.

    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon

    Real-Time Notifications

    Getting news to your Lodge will be easy with Amity's real-time notifications. Whether it's a social event or an emergent communication, sometimes it's important to get the word out quickly... and you'll be able to do it with just a few taps. Stay tuned for the update!

  • Grand Lodges
    Amity is working with the Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America as the official digital way to publish recognition status.
    Real Time Updates

    Update Recognition Status... Instantly.

    When your Grand Lodge votes to recognize another Grand Lodge, it can take over a year for the book to be updated... and in the meantime your members risk rejection when they visit.  Amity lets you publish the news instantly, with the click of a button.  Why would you use anything else?

    Amity is currently working with the Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America and the ConfederaciĆ³n de Grandes Logias Regulares de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos towards acknowledgement as the official recognition tool for member Grand Lodges.

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    King Solomon's Pass

    Free Member Status Checks

    Verifying a visitor's identity and status should be done in real time, not based on when a dues card was printed.  Amity provides a free digital pass -- just like an airline's boarding pass -- to everyone using the app, and we can integrate with your membership system for instant status checks at no cost.  If you'd like to put our QR codes on your dues cards, we'll give you those for free, too!

    Want to test out the process? Scan or tap the QR code above (or this link) for an example.





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