Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

  • What is Amity?

    Amity is a revolutionary mobile app that finally brings modern technology to the Craft. Our goal is to connect Freemasons around the world, and we're doing that by making it easier to visit other Lodges. From finding Lodges to proving your membership status to documenting your visit, we want to help you get the best experience out of your travels.

    You can download Amity here.

  • Is Amity really free?


    There are things that you can buy in the app if you choose to (for example, the MSA's Short Talk Bulletin, with more to come in the future), but the core features of the app are completely free.

  • Is Amity approved by my Grand Lodge?

    Amity supports over 300 Grand Lodges around the world, and many of them have explicitly endorsed our app for use by their members. In February of 2018 the Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America endorsed Amity as the digital replacement for the List of Lodges, Masonic book, making Amity available to all of the Freemasons in their member Grand Lodges. We are also working with the following conferences for adoption by their membership:

    · La Confederación de Grandes Logias Regulares de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos
    · La Confederación Masónica Interamericana (CMI)
    · The World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges

    If you have questions about a specific Grand Lodge, please contact us for specifics.

  • Does Amity control Grand Lodge Recognition?


    Amity does not determine which Grand Lodges recognize each other, nor do we determine if a Grand Lodge is Regular. All recognition data comes directly from each Grand Lodge -- Amity simply makes the data available for Freemasons around the world to use effectively.

  • What does Amity do with my Personal Information?

    First and foremost, please know: we work extremely hard to make sure that your personal information stays private. We don't sell it, we don't rent it, and we don't give it away, and all storage and transmission of your personal data is encrypted. You can see our Privacy Policy here.

    Note: as outlined in the Privacy Policy, your Lodge and Grand Lodge do have the ability to see certain pieces of your personal data, including your name, contact information, and more. Since you are already a member of your Lodge and your Grand Lodge, however, this should not represent an expansion of the personal data that they already have.

Getting Started with Amity

  • Where can I download Amity?

    Right here:

    Once you've downloaded the app, tap the "Create an Account" button to get started.

  • Why do I need a 10-character password?

    The longer your password is, the more secure it will be. Many studies have found that a simple phrase is easier to remember than a short, complex password, and provides greater security because it contains more characters.

    Amity works hard to protect you and the Craft, and a 10-character password minimum is one of the ways that we do so.

  • What is the Email Validation Code for?

    When you register with Amity, when you add or change your email address, or when you use the "Forgot Password" function, we send an Email Validation Code to the address you have provided. This code ensures that you own the address that you have provided.

    Note: The Email Verification Code does NOT verify your status as a Mason in Good Standing. The only thing it does is validate your access to the email address you provided.

  • I didn’t get the Email Validation Code. What should I do?

    First and foremost, please take a look at the email address shown on the verification screen. Is it spelled correctly? If not, simply use the "Change My Email Address" button at the bottom of the screen to adjust it. A new code will be sent to the updated address you provide.

    If your email address is shown correctly, please check your spam folder. The email will be sent from Copiri Support; you can also search your inbox for "Copiri" to see if the message has been auto-filed anywhere.

    If your Secretary is registered with Amity and has Lodge Admin permissions, they will be able to provide your code to you by viewing your profile in Amity.

    If you still have not received the code after following the steps above, please send us a message, from the email address you registered with, and we will send you your code.

  • Why is my membership not verified?

    Verification is an important security measure by which Amity guards its “digital West Gate”. In order to ensure that only Freemasons have access to detailed information about the Craft (and because we don’t know every Mason in the world personally!) Amity needs your Grand Secretary, your Secretary, or their delegate (or another appropriate means) to make sure that you are in fact a Mason in Good Standing in your Lodge.

    There are a few ways to change your status to "Verified". In some jurisdictions, simply entering your membership number sends a request to your Grand Lodge’s membership system. In jurisdictions where that isn’t available yet, either your Secretary or Grand Secretary can verify your status as a Mason in Good Standing using Amity.

    If neither your Secretary nor Grand Secretary has an account with Amity, we automatically add you to the list of Masons who need manual verification.

  • How can I change my password?

    If you are logged in to Amity, tap the "Profile" button on the home screen, and then "Security" at the top of the Profile screen. Enter your new password twice, and tap "Update Your Profile."

    If you aren't logged into Amity and cannot log in, click the “Forgot Password” button on the Login screen. Enter your email address, and a temporary validation code will be sent to your email address.

    Note: if you have requested more than one code, only the most recent code will allow you to reset your password.

    Note: Password reset codes expire after five (5) minutes. If your code doesn’t work, it’s possible that more than 5 minutes has passed, in which case the code has expired. In this event, simply restart the process and a new code will be generated and sent to your email.

Finding Lodges

  • How do I find a Lodge using Amity?

    Once you've downloaded the app, registered, and confirmed your email address, just tap the "Lodges" icon at the top right of the home screen. You can search in two ways:

    · By entering a city and country, and searching for Lodges in a radius around that location.
    · By providing your device's location, and searching for Lodges in a radius around you.

    Click the "Search" button, and any Lodges in the area will be displayed in a list. You can then click any of them to learn more about it.

  • Do you need my location?

    Absolutely not!

    We're tired of big social media platforms stalking us, so we've made a simple promise to you: you'll be able to use Amity without giving us your location. And if you choose to, we'll be clear about how we use it (or don't use it).

  • Why isn't my Lodge listed?

    We're sorry about the oversight... it's probably just human error! We've tracked down information on over 40,000 Lodges, but we'll be the first to admit that we've missed a few. Drop us a line with the following information and we'll be happy to add it:

    · Your Grand Lodge's Name
    · Your Lodge's Name and Number
    · Your Lodge's Street Address

    If you'd like to provide it, we can also take your Lodge's charter date; email address; website; phone number; meeting days/times and lat/long.

    If your Grand Lodge is not listed, we may need to speak directly with your Grand Master or Grand Secretary. Amity is currently focused on the largest branch of Freemasonry, which is loosely defined as adhering to the principles of Regularity promulgated by what is now the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Recognition by UGLE is not a prerequisite for being listed in Amity, but in general your Grand Lodge should be a member of one of the following:

    · The European Conference of Grand Lodges
    · The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America (CoGMNA)
    · The Conference of Grand Masters of Prince Hall Masons
    · Confederación de Grandes Logias Regulares de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos
    · Confederação Maçônica do Brasil (COMAB)
    · Confederação da Maçonaria Simbólica do Brasil (CMSB)
    · Confederación Masónica Centroamericana (CMCA)
    · Confederación Masónica Interamericana (CMI)
    · The World Conference of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges

  • Why are some Lodges listed in red?

    Search results listed in red mean that your Grand Lodge does not recognize the Grand Lodge that those Lodges are subordinate to... which, in short, means you can't visit them.

    We list these Lodges for your awareness -- if you're standing in front of a building with a Square and Compasses on it, we'd rather let you know it's off limits than pretend there's nothing there.

  • How do I update information about a Lodge?

    It's easy... just send us a note and we'll be happy to make an update for you. We're also working on the ability for you to do this directly in the app, so stay tuned for that!

  • Are there Grand Lodges in Amity that I don't recognize?


    Over 300 Regular Grand Lodges are listed in Amity, and there is no Grand Lodge that recognizes every other Grand Lodge in our system. There are many reasons why your Grand Lodge may not recognize another Grand Lodge; recognition is a political process, and is not the same as regularity.

    Having said that, you can rest assured that Amity does not allow you to communicate with Grand Lodges that you do not recognize. Our system understands which Grand Lodges recognize each other, and uses that information to show or hide information about other Lodges and Grand Lodges.

  • What is the difference between Lineage, Regularity, Recognition?

    Lineage, Regularity, and Recognition are often described as the same thing, and called "recognition." In reality, however, these concepts are very different. A brief description follows:

    · Lineage is the concept of whether a Grand Lodge was formed according to the customs and traditions of Freemasonry: by one or more existing, regularly chartered Grand Lodges. A Grand Lodge that has not been properly chartered is said to be clandestine.

    · Regularity refers to whether the Grand Lodge in question operates according to the generally-accepted norms of Freemasonry. Questions considered when assessing Regularity include whether the Grand Lodge has the proper Lineage; whether the Grand Lodge restricts membership to a single gender; whether the Grand Lodge requires a belief in Diety as a condition of membership; and more. A Grand Lodge that does not operate according to the generally-accepted norms is said to be irregular.

    · Recognition is a wholly political concept, and refers to whether one Grand Lodge has voted to interact Masonically with another Grand Lodge. Recognition can be bilateral, unilateral, or nonexistent, and even bilateral recognition can have conditions (such as a requirement for pre-approval of any intervisitation). Only Regular Grand Lodges (which implies proper Lineage) can be recognized, but not every Regular Grand Lodge is recognized.

    IMPORTANT: Amity does not determine which Grand Lodges recognize each other, nor do we determine if a Grand Lodge is Regular. All recognition data comes directly from each Grand Lodge -- Amity simply makes the data available for Freemasons around the world to use.

Checking Recognition and Vetting your Visitors

  • How do I use Amity as a Tiler's Book?

    Once you've downloaded the app, registered, and confirmed your email address, just tap the "Amity" icon at the top left of the home screen. Select the country (and state, if available) of the Grand Lodge you're looking for, and then select the Grand Lodge... your recognition status will load automatically.

    Note: If your Grand Lodge has certified that our data is correct, the app will say so. If it says "Source: Amity Team Research", that means that this information is well-informed, but unofficial.

    Once you've found the overall status between your Grand Lodges, you can also search for a specific Lodge and see whether it has a charter. Just search on the Lodge's exact name OR number (for example, "Potomac", or "5", but not "Potomac 5" or "Potomac Lodge") and the system will tell you what data we have. Once you find the Lodge you're looking for, you can also tap it to learn more about it.

    Note: This functionality has been approved by the Conference of Grand Secretaries in North America, for use by Freemasons in the Conference's member Grand Lodges.

Amity as a Masonic Passport

  • How Do I Check In to Lodge?

    To Check In to a Lodge meeting, tap the "Attendance" button on the home screen. Enter your Meeting Code and tap "Load Meeting," and you will be presented with a screen that confirms the details of the meeting you're checking in to. Tap "Check In," and your attendance will be recorded.

    Note: Checking In to a meeting allows the Lodge hosting the meeting, and that Lodge's Grand Lodge, to see your personal information (name, home Lodge and Grand Lodge, honorific, office, and degree).

    Note: Meeting Codes must be created by Lodge Administrators. We are working on an update to the app that will eliminate this requirement, however.

  • How Do I Get a Meeting Code?

    Meeting Codes are created by Lodge Administrators (typically the Secretary or Pillar Officers), and should be obtained from one of these Brothers.

    If you are a Lodge Administrator and wondering how to create a Meeting Code, please see the "Administrative Tools" FAQ section below.

  • Can I View My Previous Check Ins?

    Yes! To view your previous check ins, tap the "Attendance" button on the home screen, and then tap the "Your Check Ins" button. All of your previous check in records will be displayed, in chronological order.

King Solomon's Pass

  • What is "King Solomon's Pass"?

    King Solomon's Pass is a time-saving, secure complement to a physical dues card, that allows Freemasons around the world to have a common way to share their status as Masons in Good Standing in their Grand Lodge.

    Many Masons already use digital passes for everything from paying for coffee at Starbucks to showing their boarding pass at the airport, and bringing this well-tested technology to the Craft is a natural extension of today's digital world.

    Do you already have an Amity account? If so, check out King Solomon's Pass for yourself at Not registered yet? Download the app now and get started!

  • How do I Use King Solomon's Pass?

    Using King Solomon's Pass is simple...

    > To view your own profile, log in with your Amity credentials at Your profile will appear, along with your current membership status as best we are able to determine it.

    > To share your membership status with another Mason, log in with your Amity credentials at and click "Pass." Show that to any other Mason with a smartphone, and they'll be able to scan it to load your membership.

    > To view someone else's membership, use your smartphone to scan their Pass -- their profile will automatically load in your phone's web browser.

    > To lock your Pass, get notifications when your Pass is scanned, or to change your profile photo, log in at and click "Settings."

    Phone-specific notes: iPhones have a QR scanner already built in to the phone's camera... just focus your camera on their Pass, and tap the notification that pops up. Androids don't have this built into the platform, but the scanner built into the site at will launch the pass for you.

  • Does King Solomon's Pass Replace my Dues Card?

    No, King Solomon's Pass is not a replacement for your Grand Lodge-issued Membership Card.

    Amity offers King Solomon's Pass to address a key challenge with physical cards: if your membership status changes, your physical dues card does not (until it is reissued). A suspended Brother could carry a “valid” dues card until it expires, and no one would be the wiser. With King Solomon's Pass the Brother’s correct status is always shown, current as of the second that the Pass is viewed.

    King Solomon's Pass offers several other benefits that physical cards don't, such as the ability to turn off the Pass (so that no personal data can be obtained); the ability to receive notifications every time the Pass is scanned; and the ability to see in real time if the Pass holder can visit your Lodge. Brothers can also add a photo to their Pass profile, providing yet another way to verify that the Pass holder is in fact who they claim to be.

    Try it out for yourself at

  • Does King Solomon's Pass show my Current Status?

    Yes, that's possible!

    Amity has the ability to integrate with your Grand Lodge's membership system to provide real-time status checking, and in these cases King Solomon's Pass would show your current status as reported by your Grand Lodge... just log in at to find out. If this integration has been established, then your Pass will show a green Good Standing result; if not, you'll see a yellow Needs Review.

    To be clear: if any Grand Lodge chooses not to enable real time status checking, our system clearly states that it cannot provide an official status, and the viewer is directed to confirm the Brother’s membership status using standard methods (based on local Masonic protocol).

    Most importantly, please remember: your Grand Secretary is always the final authority on matters of recognition and membership for your Grand Lodge.

  • Does King Solomon's Pass replace my Traveling Papers?

    Absolutely not!

    King Solomon's Pass is a secure, time-saving complement to your Grand Lodge's dues card, not a replacement. You should always follow whatever protocol your Grand Lodge requires for visiting other Lodges or Grand Lodges.

  • Is King Solomon's Pass Secure?

    King Solomon's Pass is more secure than any physical dues card available. There are a number of reasons why:

    - King Solomon's Pass is stored on your locked cell phone, not on a card visible to anyone who picks it up.
    - All data used by King Solomon's Pass is transmitted using an encrypted HTTPS connection.
    - If you lose your phone, you can log in to your Pass and lock it so that no one else can use it.
    - You have the option to receive an email every time your Pass is scanned.
    - You can add a photo to your Pass, which is one more way to verify that you are in fact who you claim to be.

  • How Much does King Solomon's Pass cost?

    King Solomon's Pass is free!

    Anyone with a free Amity account also has access to King Solomon's Pass. We believe that helping Freemasons travel will benefit the Craft as a whole, and are offering this service at no cost to help realize that vision. Check out the basics for more about why Amity is free.

    The QR Codes associated with King Solomon's Pass are also available to Grand Lodges at no cost for integration with physical dues cards. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about providing your membership with this revolutionary free tool.

    An important note: there is no such thing as an “Amity membership” or “Amity dues” -- we are not a Lodge or a Grand Lodge, nor do we claim to be.

  • Can King Solomon's Pass be used by my Grand Lodge?


    King Solomon's Pass already integrates with almost 50 Grand Lodges around the world, and if we haven't integrated with yours yet, we'd like to! As a free service for both Brothers and Grand Lodges, there's really no reason not to.

    Please contact us if you'd like more information about how we can work with your Grand Lodge to support you.

Amity and the Masonic Service Association (MSA)

  • What is the MSA?

    The Masonic Service Association of North America is a nonprofit organization supporting North American Freemasonry in three major ways: Education and Information; Disaster Relief; and Hospital Visitation. You can learn more about the MSA at their website, here.

    Amity has partnered with the Masonic Service Association of North America (the MSA) to bring you a rotating edition of the Short Talk Bulletin at no cost. Published every month since 1923, it is considered the most widely distributed Masonic publication in the world! This free issue rotates on a monthly basis and is always three issues behind.

    You can also preview and purchase full issues in the app for $0.99 each. Each purchase goes towards supporting the MSA in achieving their mission.

    Note: We are currently behind on recent issues, but that will be rectified shortly. Thank you for your patience as we upgrade our systems.

  • How Can I Support the MSA?

    Amity has partnered with the Masonic Service Association of North America (the MSA) as their only digital provider of the Short Talk Bulletin, and any purchase that you make through Amity supports the MSA.

    You can purchase issues of the Short Talk Bulletin for $0.99 each, or annual subscriptions for $9.99. Because your purchase will be delivered electronically, the MSA receives more money through Amity than if you purchase a physical subscription (since that fee includes mailing costs).

Updating Your Profile

  • How do I change my Name, Lodge, or Grand Lodge?

    To protect the integrity of your account, there are some items that require administrative support in order to be changed. This information includes your name, your Lodge, or your Grand Lodge. To have any of this information changed, please contact us with your request.

  • How do I change my Position, Honorific, or Degree?

    From the home screen of the app, tap the "My Profile" button. You will see each of these items listed in the "Masonic" section, with a settings wheel to the right of each one. Tap the wheel for the piece of information that you would like to change.

    Note: when entering the dates requested for any item, please note that the first is required but the second is not. For example, the date on which you were installed into an officer position is required, while the date on which you were elected to that position (which, in many Grand Lodges, is different than the installation date) is not required.

  • How to I change the date shown for my Position, Honorific, or Degree?

    Follow the steps above to get to the edit screen for the piece of data you would like to change. Delete the incorrect entry by tapping the trash can icon, and add a new entry with the correct information using the plus sign.

  • I belong to more than one Lodge. How do I show that on my profile?

    At present Amity only supports membership in one Lodge, but we are working on an update that will allow dual and plural memberships, and affiliations. Please watch your app store for our future releases!

For the Secretary

  • Can I use Amity as a Visitor Roster?

    Yes! Amity allows any Lodge Administrator to create a Meeting Code, which can be distributed to the Brethren. Any Mason in the world can then use your Meeting Code to check in to your meeting.

    Once one or more Brothers have checked into your meeting, you can use the "Meetings" button on the home screen to view the list of attendees. From the attendee list, you can also use the blue "E-Mail Roster to Me" button to send yourself a sorted list of the evening's attendees. Copy and paste that list into your minutes, and you're just about done with the attendance section!