Let Amity help you travel... safely.

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  • The Signet
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The Signet

The next generation of Masonic Identification.


Form meets function with this discreet and stylish NFC-enabled ring. Never carry a dues card again... just tap your ring to your Brother's phone and show your membership status in real time.

The Signet works for over 100 Grand Lodges and Appendant Bodies around the world, and this price includes all taxes and US-based shipping fees. Get yours today in the "Buy Now" tab, below!

  • Details
    The Signet

    Travel... safely. A point within a circle, laid upon a compass rose: this depicts that line past which we should not allow ourselves to stray, lest danger overtake us... and at the same time, the promise of our obligation, encouraging us to travel in foreign lands that may not be well known.

    Let the Signet aid your travels: simple and timeless, it has as much discretion as the Freemason who wears it. It's waterproof, has no battery, and needs no charge... just tap it to a modern smartphone to load your profile in Amity.

    Your Signet will arrive in a ritual book-style box, together with a black metal passport card that can be scanned by Brothers who may not understand your ring. Both will load your profile, and can be turned off in the Amity app if you'd like the ultimate in security and privacy.

    Anyone can carry a dues card... but not everyone wears a Signet.

  • Specifications
    Feature Details
    Color Black
    Sizes US Standard Ring Sizes: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13.

    Sizes 14, 15, and 16 may be available by special order.
    Taxes US taxes are included; Foreign import fees will be charged to the recipient.
    Shipping US-based shipping is included; foreign delivery may require extra costs.
    Dimensions Height: 0.25 in. / 6.3mm
    Diameter: Varies by ring size.
    Technology Near Field Communication (NFC)
    Operating Environment Temperature: Copiri recommends use of the Signet at temperatures above -4° F / -20° C and below 230° F / 110° C. Use outside of this range may damage the internal NFC chip.

    Impacts: Your Signet can withstand drops onto most surfaces from a height of approx. 6 feet / 2 meters, however drops onto ceramic or harder surfaces should be avoided.

    Water: Your Signet can be worn while washing your hands, bathing, swimming, or performing similar water-related activities.

    Pressure: While your Signet can be worn while swimming or at the beach, it should not be worn while SCUBA diving, free diving, or performing any activities where excessive pressure (atmospheric or otherwise) may impact its performance.
    Engraving The Signet logo is engraved on the inside of the ring. You may choose to laser-engrave other designs on the outside of the ring as you see fit.

    Important: DO NOT physically engrave your Signet, as it may splinter or fracture. Only use a laser engraving process to add designs to your ring.
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    US Size Notes Buy Now
    8   Buy Size 8 ➔
    8.5   Buy Size 8.5 ➔
    9   Buy Size 9 ➔
    9.5   Buy Size 9.5 ➔
    10   Buy Size 10 ➔
    10.5   Buy Size 10.5 ➔
    11   Buy Size 11 ➔
    11.5   Buy Size 11.5 ➔
    12   Buy Size 12 ➔
    12.5   Buy Size 12.5 ➔
    13   Buy Size 13 ➔
    14 Sold Out  
    15 Special Order Order Size 15 ➔
    16 Special Order Order Size 16 ➔
    IMPORTANT: All sizes listed are US Ring Sizes.

    SPECIAL ORDERS: Rings marked as "Special Order" will be fulfilled from inventory on hand if possible, but may take up to 8-10 weeks for delivery.

    FULFILLMENT: Most orders are shipped within two business days, however your order may take longer to fulfill if we're at a conference. Thanks for your patience!

    TAXES & FEES: The purchase price of your Signet includes all applicable taxes and shipping costs within the United States. Contact us for tax and shipping costs outside the US.

  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet
  • The Signet

The Masonic Passport

The last dues card you'll ever need.


Bring some style to your wallet with this metal membership card. Clocking in at 0.8mm thick, the Passport has some serious heft... and it'll get you in to meetings all over the world.

Just like the Signet, the Masonic Passport works for over 100 Grand Lodges and Appendant Bodies, and it shows all of your Masonic memberships. This price includes all US taxes and shipping fees.

Would you like to use the Passport as a fundraiser? Check the "Specifications" tab for more info.

  • Details

    If you're tired of carrying too many membership cards, but still want a physical proof of your membership, look no further. The Masonic Passport includes both an NFC chip and a QR Code to let you share your status quickly and easily, and look great while you're doing it.

    Your Passport will arrive in a beautiful display mailer, and will already be tied to your Amity account. If you'd like to use it as a profane business card, all you need to do is turn off your Masonic details in the app. You can even shut it down completely for the ultimate in security and privacy.

    Anyone can carry a dues card... but not everyone has a Passport.

  • Specifications
    Feature Details
    Color Black
    Material Stainless Steel
    Dimensions 85.0mm x 54.0mm (3.35” x 2.13”)
    (Standard business card size)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • QR Code
  • Taxes US taxes are included; Foreign import fees will be charged to the recipient.
    Shipping US-based shipping is included; foreign delivery may require extra costs.
    Custom Cards & Fundraising Creating a custom card for your organization is a simple process. Amity can fulfill the cards for you, or we can deliver the cards to you at a bulk rate for fundraising purposes.

    A minimum order of 250 cards and at least 4 weeks' lead time is required. Cards can be either black or white, and a high-resolution version of your logo will be necessary to move forward. Only the front of the cards may be customized; the back of each card will feature Amity's signature Mosaic Pavement design around the QR code and NFC chip.

    Contact us for more details and to get started!
  • Buy Now
    Design Buy Now
    The Masonic Passport (Amity Version) Buy Now ➔
    The Grand Lodge of Florida Buy Now ➔
    The Grand Lodge of Kansas Buy Now ➔
    The Conference of Grand Masters, PHA Sold Out!
    IMPORTANT: In order to purchase a custom card for a Masonic body, you must hold a membership in that body. Your account will be checked before your card is shipped, and if this requirement is not met your purchase may be refunded less a 10% fee to cover our costs for processing your refund.

  • The Acacia Book

The Acacia Book

The one requirement for every Secretary's desk.


There's only one global list of the world's Masonic Lodges: Amity. And when you want the complete list of Lodges you can visit -- or that you can welcome visitors from -- it's only in The Acacia Book.

The Acacia Book is your atlas for the world's Masonic Lodges, and it's a must-have for every Secretary's desk. Buy yours today!

  • Details
    The Acacia Book

    When the List of Lodges, Masonic went out of business in 2020, Amity was ready. The Acacia Book lists 50% more Lodges than the old book, and adds important features like localized names and Grand Lodge seals. Even better, it's customized specifically for your Grand Lodge... so if it's in your book, it's recognized.

    The Acacia Book is updated directly by hundreds of Grand Secretaries in the world, and it's integrated with the Amity app. If your visitor's Lodge is too new to be in the book, for example, each profile has a QR code that will launch the latest list in the Amity app.

    Masonic Recognition is complicated. The Acacia Book makes it easy.

  • Features
    Custom for Every Grand Lodge
    Grand Lodge Seals and Contact Information
    Masonic Education Throughout
    Integrated with the Amity App
    Printed On Demand -- You'll Never Get an Old Book!
    Quick-Find Country Codes at the Top of Each Page
    Global Recognition Roster
    Ordered by Lodge Number, Not City
    Grand Lodge Names in their Local Language as well as English
    Price Includes Worldwide Shipping
  • Buy Now
    Book Type Price Buy Now
    Paperback $ 27.00 Buy Now ➔
    Hardcover $ 39.00 Buy Now ➔
    IMPORTANT: Your Amity account must be verified in order to purchase an Acacia Book. If your account if not verified, or we cannot verify your membership with your Grand Lodge, your purchase may be refunded less a 10% fee to cover our costs for processing your refund.

    You can tell if your account is verified if you can see upcoming meetings and messages on the home screen of your app.

    IMPORTANT: You will be required to enter the Grand Lodge whose book you would like to order. You may order a book for any Grand Lodge that your Grand Lodge recognizes.

    Please note that every Grand Lodge's book is different, based on the Grand Lodges it recognizes, and each book will only be as current as the data provided to Amity by that Grand Lodge. As a result, your book may contain errors or omissions if the Grand Lodge has not certified their recognition recently.

    FULFILLMENT: Your book will arrive in 2-3 weeks. Please note that shipping to some international destinations may take longer than the general estimate.

    TAXES & FEES: The purchase price of your Acacia Book includes all applicable taxes and shipping costs. If you are shipping internationally, however, any local duties, taxes, or fees will be your responsibility and will be charged on delivery.