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Last updated: 31 December 2019

Our Privacy Policy explains our principles when it comes to the collection, processing, and storage of your data. This Cookies Policy explains how we use cookies, and describes the options you have to control them.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on your computer (or mobile device) that help a website remember things about you. When you visit a website that has placed a cookie on your device, the website retrieves the cookie and acts according to its contents (for example, to set your preferences while viewing that site).

How We Use Cookies
We have made the conscious decision to greatly limit the number and type of cookies that we use. At Copiri this is a philosophical decision; we have no interest in tracking your actions all over the internet. There are, however, several cookies that we set in order to satisfy legal requirements (for GDPR or CCPA, for example) or to ensure that our platform works properly (such as to remember your login, for example). We do not use cookies from third-party sites, and we do not use marketing cookies that tell other companies about your activity.

Where We Use Cookies
We set cookies on the following sites:

More details about the cookies we set, and their purposes, is listed below.

Types of Cookies We Set

Necessary Cookies
These cookies are required in order for us to provide some or all of our services. In order to remember that you have logged in to our platform, for example, or to remember what language we are delivering content to you in, we set a cookie.

Preferences Cookies
These cookies are not required, but allow us to remember when you've picked a setting--such as the color scheme that you prefer the site to be shown in--so that we can maintain that setting as you navigate a site or when you come back in the future. If you choose not to allow them, you may have to reset some settings on every page you visit.

Analytics Cookies
These cookies allow us to understand how you interact with our websites, including statistics like what pages are visited most and at what times. If you choose not to allow them, your visits will not be part of our internal statistics.

Advertising Cookies
We do not use advertising or third-party cookies. Other sites use them to track your activity across the internet, or to share your activities at their site with other companies. We believe that this is an invasion of privacy, and do not share your data with other companies.

Specific Cookies We Set, and their Purposes

Cookie Name Type Purpose

CopiriCookies, rcl_consent_given Necessary Whether or not you have accepted cookies at our sites
CopiriCookiePrefs, rcl_preferences_consent, rcl_statistics_consent, rcl_marketing_consent Necessary Which cookies you have chosen to allow at our sites
TravelSafely Necessary A unique identifier that is set when you log in to one of our sites
TravelLocally Necessary The language our sites are delivered to you in (or US English, if no selection has been made)

Please note that not all cookies may be set at each of the sites we use cookies on. Individual cookies are only set if they are used by the site you are visiting. The CopiriCookies and CopiriCookiePrefs cookies (or the rcl_* cookies, where used) are set at all sites, however, as they are required by law.

Setting and Updating Your Cookie Preferences
On arrival at one of our websites, all users are presented with a pop-up that provides the ability to select the cookies you would like to allow. If you would like to update your cookie settings for this site, please click here.

History of Changes to this Cookies Policy

  • 31 DEC 2019: Initial establishment.

End of Cookies Policy