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Last updated: 31 December 2019

If you have questions about any of the policies listed on this page, we would be happy to answer them. We will also honor any valid request for a copy of your data, or to delete your account. Please send your request to, or submit it using the contact form here.

Please note that, depending on how you, your Lodge, or your Grand Lodge use Amity, some references to you may not be deleted if your account is removed. Generally, how your data is treated is subject to the following concepts:

  • If the data is entirely private in nature, it will be deleted in full. This includes data like your name, contact information, and your membership affiliations. There are, however, several important caveats to this statement, which follow...

  • If the data is statistical in nature, it may be retained in an anonymized or aggregated fashion (without any reference to you) to help us improve our services. This includes data such as how many times you used our platform in a given time period.

  • If the data is transactional in nature, it will be retained for billing and reference purposes. This includes data such as any purchases that you have made on our platform.

  • If the data is public in nature, it will be retained for the historical record of your Lodge or Grand Lodge. This includes the fact that you may have granted permissions to others as a function of your role on our platform, any statuses that you may have certified as a function of your office, or other actions you may have taken that may need to be referenced in the future by other Masons.

  • If your Lodge or Grand Lodge has chosen to use certain services provided by Amity, such as King Solomon's Pass, your membership data will be retained in order to display an accurate status when your Pass is scanned.
In all cases, if you request that your account be deleted we will remove all of your private data and as much other data as possible. This process is permanent and irreversible, and once deleted your data cannot be reinstated. For more information about our obligation to delete your data, or our ability to retain it, please see Section 1798.105 of CCPA's text or this question on the European Commission's website.

To submit a data request, send an email to, or use the contact form here. If you woud like to update your cookie settings, please click here.

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